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Find out what USA Summer Jobs Include...!
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Work in America. What’s Included?

Find out what USA Summer Jobs Include...!

My Summer Working in America. What do USA Summer Jobs include?

Not only will you get the best summer of your life, we have made Work in America simple.  On the USA Summer Jobs program, aside from absolutely incredible customer service, you’re in control; of your summer.

Our aim is to make your work and travel program as simple for you as we possibly can. Many companies push you into jobs and locations that aren’t appealing.  You think you’re signing up to work in California as a bar tender earning lots of tips, and you end up in a Coffee Shop in Chicago.  It’s still an amazing summer, but it isn’t what you signed up to.

We’ll put you in control, so you can find the work in America that you’re comfortable with.


9 Things Included in Your Package

1 – Your J1 Visa to work in America including full sponsorship and paperwork

2 – Support in finding the best J1 summer job in America with our ‘cheat sheet’

3 – Full vetting of your employer and job to make sure it meets the Department of State requirements

4 – Support in finding housing and full vetting to make sure it’s a great place to live

5 – Full 90 day J1 medical insurance and option to extend

6 – Complete US embassy support, guides and instructions

7 – 24-hour support while you’re Stateside to make sure your adventure runs smoothly

8 – The best customer service you can hope for – we treat everyone how we’d like to be treated!

9 – Visit the team in our Maynooth shop for help and advice whenever you need it


Working in America is one of the best experiences you’ll ever do, if not the best.  We’re here to help!