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Applying for Summer Jobs in America is easy. Follow the step by step guide!
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Your Summer Job in America

Applying for Summer Jobs in America is easy. Follow the step by step guide!

Here’s your Guide, from Applying, to a summer in America.

USA Summer Jobs has made it really easy to get you the best summer of your life.

We’ve split our process into 6 easy steps, so you can get your summer job in America.  It’s free to apply, easy to complete our application.  We’ve made getting your J1 fool proof…!


Get Your Summer J1 Job Sorted

1 – Apply for the USA Summer Jobs program

Our simple application form takes 20 seconds to complete. Just enter a few basic details and you’re on the way.

2 – Our team will call you for a telephone interview

This is more of a “get to know you” than a telephone interview, but very important for visa vetting. We’ll learn more about where you want to work, and what sort of summer work you’re looking for.  You can pay your deposit before, during or after your telephone interview.

Keep an eye out for our number – 01 533 0818 – it’s only us, and we’re phoning to help!

3 – Arrange your dream summer job in America

Go get your dream summer job, in your dream American location.  We won’t shoe horn you, you can get a summer job in San Diego, work abroad in New York, or enjoy a summer abroad in Miami.

4 – Arrange your housing in a location that suits you

We’ll vet your housing as we as your job.  We check your housing is close to your job location and in a nice neighbourhood.

5 – Get your visa and paperwork finalised

Your visa isn’t as daunting as it sounds.  We process thousands of applicants and have guides to help you through it. The US Embassy will stamp your passport with your J1 visa to work and travel in America.   We’ll finish off all your paperwork and then it’s just your flights to book!  All in all the paperwork and visa process takes under 30 minutes, depending on how fast you can type!

6 – Enjoy your summer in America!

Time to go and work in the USA!  Leave Ireland behind, because this summers going to be a cracker!


Why Should You Choose Us?

The USA Summer Jobs J1 program is the most flexible program on offer.  And we make it so simple to do.  You’re fully in control of your housing, job, and flights. You’re not locked into anything you don’t want.  That means you’ll be having your summer exactly the way you like it. We’re here to support, not dictate!

We even offer a ‘cheat sheet’ for jobs and for housing. That means you can see the jobs and housing past participants have had.  You can use the cheat sheets to help land yourself a job and housing if you like what you see.

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get?

There’s a massive range of J1 summer jobs on offer in America through USA Summer Jobs.  Whether you fancy working in hospitality in San Diego, or retail in New York, or anything else… we’ve got you covered.

You’re in control of your summer, so whether you use our cheat sheet or find your own job, you’ll have a great time!