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Frequently Asked Questions
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J1 FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Help with your J1. Your questions answered!

We’re love answering your questions! Check our our FAQs below.  If you’ve got a question that isn’t answered below, click on the live chat, or call us on 01 533 0818.

Application & Eligibility

A J1 is an exchange visitor program which allows participants the opportunity to engage with Americans, share their culture and strengthen their English language.

The Summer Work and Travel J1 which USA Summer Jobs offer is for College and University Students to gain first hand experience as they work in seasonal or temporary jobs and travel the United States during their summer.

Yes, in order to participate in USA Summer Jobs, J1 summer work and travel program, we do require all applicants hold a valid Irish passport.

No. If you hold a valid Irish passport you can apply for this program from any country. However, we do recommend you attend your visa interview at the US Embassy in Dublin.

Yes. In order to participate in the USA Summer Jobs program, the summer work and travel J1 visa you must meet the following:

  • Sufficient speaking in English language
  • Enrolled in and actively pursuing a degree or full-time study at a accredited classroom based institution.

Therefore you should be studying in a full time course at a Higher Level College or University.

The program dates allowed to Ireland are:

May 15 to September 15.

You can work the full duration of these dates, or a timeframe in between these dates.

At the end of your visa period, you have a 30 day grace period to allow you to travel or prepare for your departure.  You cannot work during that 30 day grace period, and you must leave the United States at the end of the 30 day period.

Yes. You must show your intention to return to Ireland at the end of your J1 summer. USA Summer Jobs will assist you with how to prove this.

Of course.  You can travel, work or live with friends as long as everyone is eligible for the program. We will happily work with all friends or groups of friends.

The deadline is May 1st. We would need your profile to be completed, all documents uploaded and your Job Offer Form submitted by this date! This allows us the necessary time to get your visa paperwork issued to you in time to go to America!

Your Summer Job

Yes. All students participating on the J1 program but have a seasonal job approved before they travel and take part on the program.

Typically, a summer work and travel job is in a seasonal/resort areas in a seasonal business. 

When you are looking to apply for a job, think about whether the location is likely to be busier in the summer and if the job is likely to increase in trade during this season due to more people visiting/on holiday/vacation.

Your job should also not be taking work away from US citizens.

To get your job verified, your employer must fill first fill in the ‘Job Placement Questionnaire’ available to you on your USA Summer Jobs profile. Once completed, along with the remaining documents required – our Visa Sponsor will begin to verify your job.

Your summer job should be 32 hours a week on average.  If you source a job in an office environment, it should be seasonal and not an internship opportunity. 

Quite often jobs are within bars, restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlours, supermarkets and so on.

Others can include working in baseball stadiums, water parks, national parks, golf clubs, amusement parks and country clubs.

The following types of jobs are prohibited by the US Department of State.

  • Au pair, child carers, nanny
  • Childcare provider
  • Babysitter, maid or domestic jobs
  • Teaching and teaching assistant jobs
  • Camp Counsellor (please see USA Summer Camp for jobs in this role)
  • Coaching Positions
  • Medical Services
  • Veterinary
  • Clinical care
  • Farmer ranch jobs
  • Crew member roles on ships and aeroplanes
  • Jobs involving driving a vehicle
  • Casino (certain positions apply)
  • Jobs within gaming/gambling
  • Jobs within manufacturing, warehouses or fisheries
  • Jobs involving hazardous substances
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Door to door or canvassing
  • Positions in kiosks or cart stands at malls
  • Modelling jobs
  • Adult entertainment
  • Bouncer or security
  • Doormen/Bellmen at apartments or rentals
  • Late shift work ie 10pm-6am
  • Positions that are not compensated hourly eg commission only

There are areas of the United Stated that are deemed as non seasonal for J1 Employment.

  • Mason, Ohio
  • North Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • Inner MAryland
  • Iowa
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Hawaii

As part of your J1 you are not only allowed to work and live in the USA, but it’s important to gain as much cultural experience as possible.

US Cultural activites can include going to a baseball game, visiting famour US Cities, monuments or attractions, eating out with US citizens or going to a 4th July event. 


We will need to vet and verify the secondary position before you start.

All wages are job dependent.

We know students who have earned over $10,000 during the summer, this would depend on how many hours you work, number of days a week and of course how many hours.

Whilst we can’t promose tips, America is famous for earning extra money through tips.

Yes you will get taxed for your work.   But you can reclaim your tax, or some of your tax, here.

Fees & Documents

It’s free to make an application.  Once you are ready to pay your €99 deposit we can begin processing your application and working on your visa paperwork and job vet.

The total fees to USA Summer Jobs are found here.  It includes your full J-1 visa sponsorship and vetting of your job, housing and insurance.

There are also 3rd party fees, which is a US Embassy Appointment in order to get your Visa.

Yes. We allow the flexibility so you can find the flights of your choice, on the dates you choose and get the best possible deal.

Unfortunately, no. It is expensive to work on a Summer work and Travel Visa. Being a Department of State approved sponsor brings many costs and important guidelines that must be followed.

The program allows you to earn large wages, potential tips, so you would soon make back your outlay.

You can, but as part of the visa regulations, you should have a high level of protection for medical and personal liability. We offer a competitively priced Insurance that covers you for these areas.  Your safety and cover is most important.

With a pre arranged summer job in America, you need to have $800 minimum available to you on arrival to the US, and must be able to show proof to an immigration official. The proof can be in the form of bank statements, credit/debit card statements, cash or travellers cheques.

Living in America

You must have access to suitable, affordable and safe housing.

We have housing advice and a cheat sheet to assist you in finding housing.

Yes, of course. There are accommodation available for large numbers to live together.

Yes. We will vet this housing and ensure it meets the Department of State Sponsor standards.

Visa & Embassy

The DS-2019 is an official document that allows participants to work legally on the J-1 Summer Work and Teavel Program. It is issued by your US Sponsor on behalf of the US Government.

This is an online nonimmigrant visa application form, used for temporary travel to the United States.

Visa applicants must submit a completed DS-160 form prior to going to a US Embassy Appointment.

USA Summer Jobs has guides to help you complete this easily.

No.  By holding a valid US Passport, you are classed as a US Citizen. You do not have to adhere to the J1 Visa rules that the USA Summer Jobs Program states.  Therefore you are not bound to the job restrictions, state resrictions or visa dates.

The US Embassy in Dublin is available for visa appoiontments through the year. USA Summer Jobs will provide your visa paperwork and liaise with you when you book your appointment. Typically the J1 appointments are between January and June.

The US Embassy in Dublin is found at the following address.

42 Elgin Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, D04 TP03, Ireland


No, unfortunately not. For your Embassy Appointment, you need your DS2019 form. Without a job, the Visa sponsor is unable to issue your DS2019 to you. Before booking your appointment, please contact our team to ensure you’re at the right stage!

SEVIS is used by the Department of Homeland Security to manage exchange visitors during their stay.

During your summer you’re expected to register in SEVIS, and update your information regularly.  

Its for safety and for visa updating.

Travelling within America

Absolutely! Once you finish your job contract, you will have 30 days to stay and travel in America before you return home! This is a great opportunity to see all of the places on your USA bucket list, like New York, Miami or Las Vegas. 

That’s easy! We have partnered up with TrekAmerica to make sure you get a 10% on all of their Treks across the USA. They have endless options for you to choose from, and the best part is that everything is organized for you. From your accommodation to food, you won’t need to stress about the little things and can sit back and enjoy your travels! 

We get asked this question all of the time, and it really does just come down to personal preference. If you’re going to travel off the beaten track, then maybe a backpack is the one for you. However, in most cases, a suitcase works great and means you won’t have to worry about carrying your things all of the time! 

You’ll be required to enter a America with a minimum of $800.  But what you spend is up to you.  Make sure you know when your first pay is so you can manage accordingly.