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Working a J1 Visa can be made simple.  Follow these steps to make things easy.
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J1 Visa. Top Tips

Working a J1 Visa can be made simple. Follow these steps to make things easy.

J1 Visa.   USA Summer Jobs Top Tips

We’ve helped more than 50,000 students, young folk and even some older people get incredible summers in America, all on a J1 visa.  And we’re here to help you too.

The most important part of doing a J1 visa is working out what you’re looking to do and what you’re looking to achieve during your summer.  We have some unbeatable tips for you to consider when choosing this program.

Tip 1

Where in America do you want to work?

Do you want to work in New York.  Is your summer abroad going to be in California.  Do you want a J1 in San Diego?  We’ve found in the past the brilliance of this program is that it allows people to apply who have an area of America they want to work, and it also allows people who are flexible, don’t mind where they work, haven’t got a chosen state or city and are open to work abroad.

Tip 2

What sort of Job in America are you looking for?

When you work a J1 visa in America, are you looking to work in a restaurant?  Do you want bar work? Or perhaps a daytime job like a coffee shop or supermarket/store so your evenings are free to enjoy and explore?  It’s good advice for you to be ready with the type of job you’re seeking this summer.  Again if you’re flexible it opens up more jobs, more job sectors for you while you’re searching.

Tip 3

Work somewhere J1 Visa applicants have worked before.

A great idea when it comes to working in America is to pick an employer and a top US City that others have worked at before. It means the employer is set up to operate and employ J1’s and it means you have the luxury of knowing that they can hire you.  After you Apply to USA Summer Jobs, you’ll have access to our exclusive list of past J1s, so you have a shortlist of Jobs you can apply to!

Tip 4

Want a J1 made simple?

Are you looking for a J1 made simple?   If you want a job with accommodation included, more fun than you’ll ever have, every day of the summer, then perhaps you want a Summer Camp Job?  Visit our sister company USA Summer Camp for these amazing summer opportunities in America.   USA Summer Camp offers sports roles, music jobs at camp, watersports, outdoor adventure, arts and crafts and more.  If your ideal summer job involves teaching or coaching, this might be the perfect summer for you.

Tip 5

Start searching early.

Ok, so not all J1 Jobs are available in September and October, but you can begin the process and even start applying for some jobs.  We find the earlier people apply, the earlier they can secure their J1 Job.  It leaves more time for your school work, more time to prepare and a lot less stress! All that would be left come Feb/March/April and May is to secure your J1 visa, book your flights and get packing!


And most of all.  Choose USA Summer Jobs.