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J1 Summer Costs

Our amazing costs of a J1 summer! Spend the summer in America for less.

The most amazing way to work and travel in America, and all very affordable.

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J1 Summer Jobs Package
Excluding flights
Deposit just €99

What’s included

Full J-1 Visa sponsorship so you can work in America

90 days Specialised J1 Insurance

SEVIS fee paid

Vetting of your US Employer and help getting a job

Vetting of your chosen Housing and help getting housing

Earn an average wage of $500 per week

30 days of free travel time after your job ends to explore

Freedom to book your own flights to America

Full support from an experienced J1 summer team

Earn your fees back

Our participants have earned over $8,000 in a single summer. Most average $4,500

Hurry Up

Irish visa allocations always run out.  Apply today to secure your place

Processing Fees
Police Certificate of Character
Embassy Appointment
Admin & Visa Processing
Pricing FAQ 
Why do I need to pay a deposit?

We put a lot of work into each application to ensure they get top notch customer service and a fantastic summer experience. In order for us to move forward with your application, we need to know that you are committed to spending your summer working in America. Once you pay your deposit, we immediately begin working on your profile and arranging your next steps. Your deposit is part of the overall program fee that you pay to us.


When should I pay my deposit?

Most of our applicants pay their deposit over the phone during their initial telephone call. During this call, we go through the entire USA Summer Jobs program with you and make sure you are happy to move forward with your application. Paying your deposit at this point means your application moves forward quickly and will secure your place on the program straight away. The longer you wait to pay your deposit, the more USA positions could be filled.


Is my deposit refundable?

Once you have paid your deposit, we start immediately working on your application moving it forward towards the next stage. We use the money from your deposit to cover the costs of getting your profile set up and admin fees. Due to these actions put towards helping you become a hireable applicant, we cannot issue a refund for your deposit if you change your mind about the program.


How do I pay for my 3rd Party Fees?

Paying Working in America requires certain paperwork and actions tom comply with the J1 Visa Guidelines. It’s vital that you pay for 3rd Party Fees that we recommend, such as your Medical Insurance and Housing Arrangements. There will also be 3rd Party Fees that you can have control over, such as your Flight Costs. The team will be able to talk you through each Third Party Fee over the phone after you have signed up to the program.