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Find your ideal Job abroad with our easy to use program.
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J1 Summer Jobs

Find your ideal Job abroad with our easy to use program.

Finding Your Dream J1 Job

Your dream J1 summer job is waiting for you in America, so it’s time to make it happen!  Work in retail, hospitality and everything in between, a world of adventure from Ireland to America is yours.

There’s thousands and thousands of summer jobs in America, so there’s a lot of opportunities for you.

Top Tips on Getting a Job

If you’re looking to secure a job, the first place to start is building a list of contacts and opportunities.  Remember that you’re looking for seasonal employment, so be concious that the jobs you’re looking for are ones where trade will increase during the summer, which is thy there are more job opportunities.

After you’ve started to identify the companies you’d like to work for, you’ll need to work on your CV.  We recommend a one page CV with a cover letter that explains you’re part of our J1 summer jobs programme. It’d be a good idea to explain you’ll have a valid J1 visa and social security number, as well as insurance.

Make sure you spend time polishing your CV because you’ll be competing against other people for the job!

Help Landing a Summer Job

If you need help finding an opportunity, our team can help you find your dream summer job!  We’ve helped thousands of people work in America and that means we’ve worked with lots of employers.  That means we know who’s hiring, so we’ve put together a ‘cheat sheet’ to help you.

We’ve also put together a job opportunities page, so check that out for more help!   Google is your friend. Begin looking on American Job Websites for opportunities in the location you want to work.

After you apply with USA Summer Jobs, we have a list of previously vetted jobs and housing all over America.  If you like those jobs, then you simply have to apply to that employer.

Second Jobs

Why not get a second job.  It’s important that these are vetted by us, your visa sponsor as well, but we welcome this.  The harder you work, the more money you can earn over the summer.

Feel free to contact us for more information.