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We're different, we think we're better, but the product is the same J1 in America
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USIT J1. We’re Different

We're different, we think we're better, but the product is the same J1 in America

Are we different to USIT?

Yes we are.  Usit as a different company themselves, with a different office, different staff and so on.  There are also other J1 companies in Ireland.  But we are USA Summer Jobs.


What makes us different

For us at USA Summer Jobs, it’s all down to our customer service and honesty!   We’re Irish, based in Maynooth, Co Kildare and happy to help

What happened to Usit in 2020?

Unfortunately 2020 saw an unprecedented situation and one we hope to never see again. Covid-19 changed what was going to be an amazing year for us all.  Whilst we aren’t at liberty to speak about other companies, you may be aware that Usit went into administration in March 2020.  We aren’t sure how they dealt with participants who had paid fees to them, though are aware that Usit have restarted as a company in October 2020, which has upset some people.

USA Summer Camp Travel, our group company, runs USA Summer Jobs, and USA Summer Camp in Ireland, had no such financial issues and has carried on where we left off, albeit adapting to the new normal.

So can I apply for USA Summer Jobs?

Yes. If you’re an Irish student, or a student studying in Ireland, we would love to send you on an American J1.  Go on your own, as a pair or as a larger group. We’ve got ya.


We’re here to help.  Let’s make sure this summer is the best one yet!


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